Rialto Air Conditioning, in Rialto California, was created because of a disconnect in the relationship between professional technicians and you. There are so many contractors out there that only seek profit. We decided to make this an industry we can be proud of and put our efforts into making it better. You can trust us to provide the highest quality AC care for your home. With every cooling and heating repair we do, we reinforce our family's safety and health as priority number one. AC issues shouldn't keep you from your daily tasks. You should be able to focus on your work, family, and being parents. Let us provide the AC caregivers you need and the best service possible for your family.



    This is our #1 priority because you and your family matter the most


    AC services are so good, you’ll be telling your neighbors about us


    We’ll always be ready to take your call to help as soon as possible



    Fully Qualified Experts

    Rialto Air Conditioning's AC technicians are certified and licensed professionals. They can perform simple repairs like changing a filter, or more complex issues like furnace replacements. To give our customers the personal attention they deserve, we work with all major brands of air conditioners and ductworks.

    We do not employ subcontractors or less experienced technicians to cut costs. Instead, we only hire trustworthy technicians with years of experience in working with AC systems, furnaces, and ductworks. There is nothing to be concerned about as all our technicians follow strict safety guidelines when working in your house or building. This ensures that you are always receiving the highest quality service.




    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    Rialto Air Conditioning's commitment to customer satisfaction is what sets it apart. We recognize that our clients trust Rialto Air Conditioning to provide efficient, reliable, and prompt cooling system services. This is why we hire only the best technicians so they can deliver 100% satisfaction every single time!

    High-Quality Parts & Service

    All service calls use only the finest parts and materials. Your system will continue to function in its best condition and last longer. We adhere to strict quality guidelines in order to deliver lasting results and reduce repair times. We can take care of everything for you, including new installations and routine maintenance.

    Our experts are available to answer any questions and schedule an appointment for your AC system. You can reach our customer care team 24/7 for any questions or concerns you might have regarding your home’s comfort. Heating solutions should be the best for you. Do not settle for less.

    Cost-Efficient Solutions

    Rialto Air Conditioning will keep your home cool and warm all year. However, we can also help you find cost-effective solutions you can afford. To provide the best plan for our clients, we first talk to them about their budget.


    We offer affordable maintenance services so that your AC system will not have problems in the hottest and coldest months. If your cooling unit has reached its end of life or is no longer repairable, we have a range of disposal options as well as installation services for new, better models.